Meet Jessica: Jessica is a mindset coach for high-achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to create the money and success of their own definition. She helps people uncover the BS stories in their heads (especially the ones they don’t know about!), get clear on what they really REALLY want, and then have the guts to go […]

Business Mindset

October 23, 2018

Episode 03: This Six Essential Shifts Required for Business Growth with Jessica Eley

You’re listening to the Prosperity Lab Podcast, episode number one. Welcome to the Prosperity Lab Podcast. We’ve been given an amazing opportunity in entrepreneurship that’s never been available in any other time period. We live in a reality where the number of lives we impact can be directly reflected by the dollars in our bank […]

Business Mindset

October 22, 2018

Episode 01: Living Our Best Lives and the Businesses That Provide For Them

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