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Episode 07: How to Sell Premium-Priced Group Coaching Programs and High-Ticket Service Offers with Verick Wayne

Verick Wayne helps entrepreneurs create premium-priced group coaching programs and high-ticket service offers. In today’s episode, he shares his best tips for systemizing lead generation for those high-end group programs. I admire Verick’s knowledge, expertise, and business strategy so much that I may just have to hire him in the future!

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About Verick:

Verick built his chops the academic and corporate way as an MBA and Sales Executive for a Fortune 500 tech company. But when he wasn’t happy working his dream job and making a multiple six-figure salary he knew that it was time to leave the Matrix.

Social media came naturally to him and he was able to combine that passion with the knowledge from his corporate career in sales and finance to start consulting online marketers about how to sell more efficiently.

He is passionate about teaching coaches and consultants how to get more clients because he believes this is the first step towards their true business and lifestyle freedom.

Connect with Verick:
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Episode 05: Turning the Sales Funnel Game on Its Head with Mike Kelly of Membervault

Join the relationship marketing conversation as Mike Kelly and I talk about turning the funnel game on its head. Mike shares with us about how much more profitable it can be to build raving fans versus playing the “numbers game” of running more and more people through your funnels without engaging them fully. As a funnel and ads girl, this conversation opened my eyes to a whole new strategy and will legitimately change the way I operate my lead gen game moving forward… in fact, it has already.

Bio:  Mike Kelly is the co-founder of MemberVault, a relationship marketing platform disrupting how we look at selling and engaging online using engagement tracking, gamification strategies and a binge & buy marketplace for free and paid products. Mike and Erin are based in Olympia, WA and run their SaaS platform while wrangling a precocious toddler, chubby baby and a rescue hound pup.
You can find Mike on Facebook here:
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Episode 02: Strategic Operations Meets Massive Impact with Natalie Gingrich

Meet Natalie:

Natalie Gingrich is a quintessential, Type A leader who thoroughly enjoys helping her entrepreneurial peers move their businesses into action with her love of project management. After 15 years in a Fortune 150 company, she uses her tremendous drive, education, and professional experience to serve those in a space known for creative and visionary thinkers. She combines her passion for people, with simplified processes and practical, project management to create authentic movement in business. As a mother of two- and a native of Texas- her heart is big and eager to serve. You can gain a glimpse of how she manages her (and her team’s) tasks at

We manage your people and processes so you can get back to managing your vision!

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